ProLink Handles with Safety System

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Based on fundamental principles of usability, durability and ergonomics, the ProLink Handles will provide fliers of any 4-line fixed-power kite with the ultimate partner to their favourite foil.

Featuring a number of product innovations, as well as showcasing high quality materials and Flexifoil’s ever present standards in quality and ‘fit for purpose’ design, you can be assured that the ProLink handles will give you a flying experience that has never felt as direct or comfortable before.

Pin System

The ProLink 4-Line Handles feature an innovative pin system providing a super-strong link to the leader lines that makes attaching a strop line to the handles very easy. This system also provides a cleaner profile, generating fewer tangles and a better steering range whilst making your connection to the kite stiffer, stronger and more direct.

High Grade Materials

The centre of the ProLink handles is made from a glass reinforced plastic mould. Don't worry, this can’t smash, it’ll only add exceptional strength and durability, allowing you to fly with confidence in the equipment in your hands.

Ergonomic design

The grip texture is breathable and constructed from a material that’s easy to hold onto in both wet and dry conditions. The handle’s profile shape maximises the spread of load on the fingertips and the shaped thumb area gives you increased force when applying the brake lines.

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